Center for Capacity Building Programs (CCBP)

 Message from the Director

Welcome to the web page of the Center for Capacity Building Program of Bahir Dar University. Ethiopia is working towards achieving the status of middle-income country in the year 2015.Ethiopia’s Higher Educational Institutions are doing everything possible to support the effort of the Government. Bahir Dar University, one of the premier higher learning institutions in Ethiopia, is expanding enormously and continues to build its capacity in all sectors. For this reason, a Center for Capacity Building Programs (CCBP) was established in 2010 G.C.

The major purpose of the Center is helping to build the capacity of academic, research and administrative staff so that the University will be able to produce qualified graduates who can play decisive role in achieving the objectives of the five year’s Growth and Transformation plan of Ethiopia. The Center identifies gaps by collaborating with key members of the university community and finds solutions to fill the gaps. By doing so, we are working together to build a strong researching and teaching institution. This effort will help us realize our ambition of making Bahir Dar University one of the top ten research universities in Africa. This will be real. Let’s work for it.

Thank you for visiting the webpage!

                                                                        Dr. Berhanu Abraha(Associate Professor)

                                                                                The Director, CCBP

I. Background

 Bahir Dar University introduced a five-year strategic plan. The document addresses very important strategic issues, each of which includes a number of general and specific objectives identified to help reach targeted outcomes. CCBP is designed to provide a vital role in meeting these objectives by helping to improve the performances of both academic and administrative staff.

To help realize these objectives, the Center has designed its own strategic plan for the coming five years. The Center provides support (by working with the university community) in the following major strategic issues:

  1. Building good governance
  2. Improving competency and dedication of academic and administrative staff
  3. Enhancing capacity of research and community service
  4. Enhancing capacity for improving and utilizing information and communication technology
  5. Improving loyalty, honesty and ethics of staff
  6. Facilitating and giving necessary support to all capacity building activities conducted by volunteers.

II. Specific Activities

  • Coordinating academic support for first year students, especially female students
  • Improving the skills of technical staff, especially in science laboratories, in handling equipment and conducting experiments
  • Providing guidance to newly-employed teaching staff in university teaching, evaluating student performances and conducting research
  • Developing the skills of university research staff
  • Organizing, documenting and evaluating custom training activities
  • Arranging trainers in accordance to the nature of the trainings requested by stakeholders
  • Providing training venue and assisting in trainings for the community when requested
  • Arranging training packages for different institutions when they are in need


III. Staff

The Center currently has a staff of four dedicated individuals: These are:

  1. Director – Dr. Berhanu Abraha(Associate Professor)
  2. Asst. Director - Ato Andargie Gerawork (MSc, Physics)
  3. Computer Technician - W/t Birtukan Alamirew (Diploma, electricity)
  4. W/o Nurit Abubeker – Secretar

IV.Contact Address of the Center

Bahir Dar University

Center for Capacity Building Program

P.O.Box. 79

Landline: +251 582 205 941


Fax:+251 582 202 025

Bahir Dar,Ethiopia