Structure of QAEC

   The structure relationship among the main QAEC and the three units

The Quality Management System of QAEC -BDU

Undoubtedly, the ultimate purpose of the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Center (QAEC) is enhancing the quality of the teaching-learning, research and community services of the university. This objective cannot be achieved only with periodic assessments (of these functions) done by the center itself. Hence, there should be a mechanism by which a continuous follow up on the quality and standards of inputs-processes-outputs can be made and enhanced. This necessitates the establishment of quality assurance coordinators at the level of faculties/schools/colleges/institutes etc. (FQAC) and quality assurance teams at the level of programs (PQAT). This relationship among the Faculty Quality Assurance Coordinating office (FQAC), Program Quality Assurance Teams (PQAT) and the main Quality Assurance and Enhancement Center (QAEC) is represented in the above figure.