Message from the Director


Think of the mystifications of the public universities and consequently the number of students currently pursuing their studies in such universities. Again imagine the expenditure of the country to finance higher education. Now, ask the question why we are investing such huge amount of money on education? Why the poor pay tax which the government will spend at least in part for education? We do that because education is believed to contribute for the development of the country. The community as a tax payer is sponsoring the universities so that to effect its economic development as graduates enter into the work force.

Thus, public universities should be accountable for the sponsoring community by opening relevant programs and producing effective graduates so that the graduates will be more productive in return. In other words, the universities have to ascertain that graduates will be competent in the world of work. That is why they are required by the government to establish quality assurance mechanisms as far the government is working on the behalf of the sponsoring community.

Quality of education is all about the relevance of programs and the effectiveness of the prospective graduates in the work world. Unless university students are going to study relevant fields and become to be effective in the job market after graduation, no need of education and spending millions of Birr for it per day.

Being this the fact, my message is that every individual particularly those working in universities should understand the quest for quality, be concerned about it and work towards achieving it. Every thing about quality education boils down to being accountable for the society.

                                               Asnakew Tagele, Director   

Quality Audit and Assessment Center (QAAC)