Major Activities

HERQA has identified areas of evaluation and set standards. Moreover it has indicated what education programs have to accomplish. Hence, the Quality Audit and Assessment Center of Bahir Dar University will strive so that each of the University program will:

  1. have a clearly stated policy on relevant curriculum design, development, delivery and review
  2. define its aims, objectives and learning outcomes and make them known to stakeholders
  3. define the expected competencies that the student should demonstrate on completion of the program
  4. have sufficient and appropriate physical facilities and equipments to ensure its effectiveness
  5. identify and put in place the educational resources before opening the program
  6. have appropriate staff-student ratio and comply with the program discipline standards
  7. have adequate number and qualified staff
  8. review its aims, objectives and learning outcomes periodically in consultation with a wider range of stakeholders
  9. use varieties of methods and tools to assess learning outcomes and competencies
  10. have methods of assessment comparable to the international best practices
  11. give timely and appropriate feedback on student assessment

Moreover the Center will:

  1. 1.develop different formats for auditing
  2. 2.monitor students’ progress and employability
  3. 3.require the continuing education program to make the program comparable with the regular program