To be a reliable center for safeguarding and enhancing the quality and standards of the core functions of Bahir Dar University i.e., teaching-learning, research and community services.


To ensure a high quality and relevant education, research and community service at Bahir Dar University. To this end, it will assure key stakeholders of the university that programs of study, the t-learning, research and community services are of appropriate quality and relevant to…


The Quality Assurance and Enhancement Center of Bahir Dar University has the following major objectives:

-      Provide educational improvement and quality assurance services

-      Contribute to the improvement of the teaching and learning process at the university

-      Provide periodic training on academic improvement and quality enhancement

-      Undertake program or department, academy, institute, school, faculty, college and institutional level self-evaluation in collaboration with programs, faculties and other pertinent officers

-      Conduct quality audit at institutional level to find out weaknesses and strengths

-      Design and implement academic improvement and quality enhancement programs

-      Assure quality of services (basically processes) in the university

-      Ensure the university policies are adhered

-      Facilitate staff development

-      Initiate and facilitate the University self evaluation

-      Prepare the self-evaluation document for HERQA

-      Control and monitor the quality of the different programs in the University

-      Advise the faculties, colleges and other units to document their activities so that to use for  self-evaluation

-      Develop procedures to identify and disseminate good practices

-      Nurture the culture of continuous assessment

-      Promote quality research and community services at and/or by BDU