2005 E.C

Grants in 2004 E.C

1)  Outreach program for talented K-12 students and STEM Education in Ethiopia

Grants in 2003 E.C

1) Mid career Agricultural extension program:-  

To provide quality agricultural extension education to increased number of mid-career students locally & 

will have opportunities to upgrade technical and leadership skills

  • Funder:- SAFE(Sasakawa Africa Fund for Extension education)
  • Period:-  2003 ------ (till unknown period) G. C
  • PI:- Mr. Azanaw Abebe- College of Agriculture

Grants in 2002 E.C

1) Wase Tana project:-  sediment budgets of Lake Tana for optimisation of land management and water allocation

Understand sedimentation of problem of Lake Tana and its water balances

  • Funder:- VLIR Belgium
  • Period:-  2010 - 2015 G. C
  • PI:- Dr. Enyew Adgo-- College Agriculture and Environmental Science

2001 E.C

2000 E.C

1999 E.C

1)  Periperi U:- Partners Enhancing Resilience for People Exposed to Risk 

Advancing Resilience', intends to open a cross-cutting conversation across African academics, educators,

scientists and representatives of the development, humanitarian and disaster risk reduction communities

  • Funder:- USAID-South Africa
  • Period:-  2007 - 2020 G. C
  • PI:- Tarekegn Ayalew-- Insititute of Risk and Disaster mangment

1998 E.C

1997 E.C

97 addy


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