Orientation provided for new MED students

The first batch of students for the Masters of Education (MED) degree programs developed as part of the BDU-NORHED project have arrived at Bahir Dar University. A total of 41 students (21 for the MED in the teaching of Science Subjects and 20 for the MED in the teaching of Mathematics) started classes on the 16th of October. While 35 of the candidates are from Ethiopia, six of them are from South Sudan. Before starting class, the students are provided orientation about the BDU-NORHED project in general and the MED programs they are registered to attend. The BDU-NORHED project team members, Dr. Dawit Asrat, Mr. Ahmed Yebrie and Mr. Haftu Hindeya briefed the candidates about the rationale for the inception of the project, the aims of the project, the needs assessment study undertaken to develop the MED programs, the model followed in developing the programs, and the courses and requirements in the programs. The candidates appreciated the rigorous effort spent to develop such unique programs at BDU and expressed their belief that the programs will help them become better teacher educators in the areas of science and mathematics education.