Message from the Director

Welcome to Bahir Dar University community services web page! Bahir Dar University office of community services devoted to coordinate, implement and monitor a comprehensive system of community-based programs and services. Our mission is to solve real problems affecting our communities. Over the years, this mission has evolved to respond to the changing needs of our community. The office specifically is responsible for the provision of knowledge based training and consultancy services that enhance university-community partnership. Moreover, it organizes and coordinates outreach programs that would be delivered for the community wholeheartedly.

Indeed, to carry out these huge responsibilities, the office alone cannot realize without the active participation of the Academic community in the process. Put more clearly, providing community services is all academic units’ responsibility, so the entire community must execute their part in order to achieve the ultimate goal. In so doing, the office vigorously attempts to maintain professional standards of the highest order by acting fairly, firmly and impartially. We shall also fulfill our responsibilities towards the objective of achieving our mission without replacing the role of stakeholders.

On this webpage, I hope you will find information about the services in which we already engaged in. Therefore, you are most welcome through the contact address below if you have questions, concerns or other information regarding community services.

Thank you for visiting our Web Page!

Roles and Responsibilities of Community Services Director

The Community Services Director, as a functional unit, shall:

coordinates all community service activities at the University level;
compiles, produces and submits regular community service activities to the V/president office as well as to other key stakeholders;
follow up and monitor colleges/faculties/institutes/schools role in community services;
assists the V/president in planning and preparation of community services agenda;
be responsible for supervising the implementation of relevant community service policies;
design, revise and submit annual work plan for community services to the V/president office for approval;
prepare and follow up the preparation of different projects which enable to carryout community services at the university level;
ensure collective integrity, responsibility and accountability for every activity of the Research and Community Services V/president office; and
direct operational activities (day-to-day affairs) of the research and community services V/president officel.
Tips to offer Community Services

While we render community services the primary beneficiaries are the community.
Community services should be an outcome-oriented.
Community service projects must be aligned to the university mission.
Acting within the scope of the community services activities as outlined in the project.
In the delivery of appropriate community services an interdisciplinary system will be encouraged.
The Responsibility of Research and Community Service V/President Office

To facilitate community engagement by staff and students, the office will:

develop, implement and review RCS policies and procedures,
provide a safe working environment and opportunity,
make available adequate facilities which are necessary for the project, and
monitor working conditions.