Message from Director

Dears, greeting!

Health information in resource-limited settings is scared due to numerous reasons.  We are living with the double burden of a disease condition, both communicable disease and noncommunicable diseases are prevalent in our setting.  Generating local evidence plays a crucial role in controlling and treating these disease situations. Researchers in resource-limited setting suffers from unfavorable environments like the absence of accredited laboratory services, the absence of frame for their research, a limited database to understand the current situations, lack of national and international collaborators and absence of mentors. We have limited information on mortality, as a result of this intervention on averting unnecessary death were not implemented effectively. Secondary data generated from health facilities contains many drawbacks like they were not available on time; they are incomplete, unrepresentative and low quality due to these reasons research on primary data demands high.  We are here to avert all these challenges and create research and community service culture for physicians and public health experts, we are here to give evidence for the decision makers, our existence benefits the patients and their families by decreasing the severity of communicable and non-communicable disease by connecting research with service. We Ethiopians have a lot of traditional medicine known to cure many diseases, by integrating the scientific approach we can make a solution to the current antimicrobial resistance. The solution to the above-mentioned problem has based the evidence that we got from the research. Conducting research is not our right, but it is our obligation, let us do that.


Berhanu Elfu Feleke

(Assistant professor of epidemiology and biostatistics)