1. To conduct national and international research across various health disciplines in different study areas.
  2. To provide decision-makers in participating countries with reliable information and analyses useful for informed policy choices
  3. To evaluate health interventions aimed at reducing mortality from specific causes of death
  4. To facilitate and create conducive research, community services environment for national and international researchers and community service providing individuals and institutions.
  5. To facilitate research into factors associated with mortality from specific causes of death
  6. To give valuable evidence for locally and nationally endemic disease
  7. To collect standardized, household-based survey that collects a wide range of data on population, health and nutrition
  8. To determine key indicators like fertility rates, under-five mortality rates, contraceptive use, skilled assistance with births, childhood immunization coverage, nutritional status of children, women, and men, and knowledge and behaviour regarding specific diseases  
  9. To improve coordination and partnerships in data collection at the international and country levels
  10. To improve data collection and analysis tools and methodology
  11. To improve the dissemination and utilization of data
  12. To provide data on mortality by cause
  13. To identify ways to reduce unnecessary deaths
  14. To launch graduate or postgraduate program that demands the inputs of various academic unites
  15. To Conduct training and advisory  service