Roles and responsibilities:

  • Customize , Configure , maintain and administrate the LMS software for the regular and distance programs  
  • Setup and configure the digital library resources and provide training and support for the end users
  • Configure the LMS servers, upload the curriculum and provide trainings for Instructors and Students embraced with e-learning programs
  • Design and administrate the University website   
  • Promote and support the digital mode of delivery in the University academic programs
  • Prepare and submit quarterly report for the Director  
  • Perform other related tasks given by the Director
  • Install, configure and manage the video conference resources for the academic and other related uses  
  • Analyze and identify the programs and the courses to be covered with the e-learning programs

Staff Information

  Staff name Campus Position Email Mobile Number
1 Yibltal Maru Wisdom Learning and Teaching Tecnologies Team Leader 0909566296
2 Birhanu Teshale Wisdom Senior Website Administrator Expert   0921193587
3 Tessema Mekrie Wisdom Senior Website Administrator Expert   0913049754
4 Yohannes Biadglign Wisdom Senior Website Administrator Expert  0912378189
5 Ermiayas Ebisa Wisdom Junior E-learning Expert    0918011942
6 Zelalem Ayalew Wisdom Content Development Expert  0918008304
7 Ayanaw Abera Wisdom Junior E-learning  Expert   0918433669
8 Daniel Demile Peda Video Conference Expert  0912950463
9 Lijalem Shita Wisdom Video Conference Expert   0913538296
10 Mesert Gashaw Medical Video Conference Expert   0918489873
11 Baye Zemene Wisdom Content Development Expert 0918158404

Learning and Teaching Technologies