Roles and responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the development , customization and debugging of application systems for the University's consumptions 
  • Perform other related tasks given by the Director
  • Develop project documents for the software development projects
  • Test and approved the application systems before they are joining to the university networks
  • Performing a consultation and development of software for the external users under the umbrella of the University
  • Prepare and submit a quarterly performance report for the Director
  • Analyze the problems and design an automation solutions for the University's business offices


No. Staff name Campus Position Email Mobile Number
1 Getnet Mamo Wisdom Business Application development and Adm. Team Leead    
2 Andualem Ayalew Wisdom Senior Application  Development & Adminstration.Expert    
3 Agenchew Nega Wisdom Senior Data Base Adminstrator Expert 918011715
4 Yohannes Bishaw Peda Junior Application  Development & Adminstration.Expert 918177576
5 Bizuayehu Biswur Wisdom Senior System Adminstrator expert    
6 Animut Mesfin Wisdom  Application  Development & Adminstration.Expert 920518458
7 Bawoke Wondem Wisdom  Application  Development & Adminstration.Expert 910287101
8 Bawoke gobezie Yibab System Adminstrator expert    
9 Chalachew Mekonnen Medical  System Adminstrator expert    
10 Muluken Tigabu Peda System Adminstrator expert    
11 Worknesh Mamo   Junior Application  Development & Adminstration.Expert    
12 Yohannes Bishaw Peda Junior Application  Development & Adminstration.Expert    
13 Yenesew Mebrat   Junior System Adminstrator Analyst    
14 Selamawit Mehret Yibab Junior System Adminstrator expert    
15 Yeshambel Mengistu COBE Junior System Adminstrator expert 928488414
16 Habtamu Wubalem Yibab Junior Application  Development & Adminstration.Expet 0918192330

Business Applications Development and Administration