Habtamu Wubalem Dinku



 Bahir  Dar , Ethiopia

 +251588209445    +251918192330  / 0918096952 Habtamu


Sex                    Male

Date of birth      05/06/1984 E.c

 Nationality      Ethiopian


eduCAtional qualification

I have BSC in Information Technology from Bahir Dar University institute of Technology, School of computing and Electrical Engineering, July 06, 2013.                



Work organization                      



Debretabor polytechnic collage   


From 16/01/2006 E.c -01/11/2008 E.c

Bahir Dar university

Application and Software developer


At 01/11/2008 E.c- up to Now

I am 3 years and 11 months’ work experienced by Teaching/instruct Database and Programming Course in Debretabor polytechnic Collage that was I mentioned below since am graduated in 2005 E.C




 Subjects covered:-

                                                         In BSC: Java Programming, Internet Programming, Network Administration,                     

Distributive system, Data structure, Project Management, Wireless networking,

Programming, Operating System, Information Retrieval, Computer Maintenance,

Multimedia, E-commerce and others.

In M.S.C—Advanced Networking and Distributed Database, Wireless and

Mobile Computing, HCI (Human Computer Interaction).

I have Entrepreneurship Certificate and Teaching Methodology and Coc (Center of         

                                                 Certificate all level in Information technology from Level 1 up to Level 5 (in Database stream).

                                                          And I have certification to Technology Computation in Cluster Collage in Debretabor by           

                                                          Doing web based                                                      

                                                          This certificate involves the following activity


  • Entrepreneurship skills and creativity.
  • Develop Business plan.
  • Generating Business idea.

                                                             Teaching Methodology

  • Micro Teaching
  • Plan Training session.


  • IT support Level 1.
  • IT support Level 2.
  • Database III
  • Database IV
  • IT service management.

                                 PAS (property Administration System) and Open Journal System training from Bahir Dar University


Mother tongue(s)




Other language(s)






Spoken interaction

Spoken production



Very good

    Very good

    Very good

   Very good

    Very good








Communication skills

  I have Excellence communication skill with my mother tongues language (Amharic), with different    types of communication streams like personal communication, working environment, professional communications and any other social activities.

 I have good communication skills gained  through my learning and working  experience  using English language(International  Language)


Organisational / managerial skills

  • In the past year am the coordinator of ICT department in Debretabor Poly technic collage.


Job-related skills



  • Photo editing and graphics design using Adobe Photoshop and in some level in design and illustrator.
  • Web site design using PHP, Drupal, Joomla, Word Press, Java and Csharp.
  • Application development in different programming language and Introduction in Python, Android Programming.
  • Configuring and Monitoring/Administer Application software.
  • Wireless network installation and configuration.
  • Database management system using MS SQL server and SQL.
  • Computer networking up to the configuration of different networking devices.
  • Manage and monitoring different server based systems (DNS, Mail Server).
  • Basic computer maintenance, printer and copy machine maintenance.


Digital competence


Information processing


Content creation


Problem solving


Very good






    Different occupation certificate in information technology


I have good skills on different computer programs 

  • Good command of MS-office suite (word processor, spread sheet, PowerPoint, Access application software)
  • Good command of photo editing software (After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Ulead and some graphics (Blender, Code Blocks).
  • Good communication of C++, Java, C#, PHP, HTML, Android, SQL, Drupal, Word Press, Android …..etc.
  • Good communication  with  different network and system Administrators software


Other skills

I have  different  good  working and living experiences and styles

  •  I deeply  believe that  working makes me  different and  influential
  • I don’t have any working criteria .I can work whatever   I get.
  • Good communication skill with staff members
  • Participating different youth and voluntary associations and activities.
  • I have  good  time  management skill
  • I am serous  punctual at my work  and responsible activates
  • I don’t need any wastage of time in this youth aged time.
  • I have very excited things in Information Technology News.


Driving licence                           




  • I have developed system project about “Developing web based Tana Haykie registration system”

For individual project submitted to department of Information technology, Bahir Dar, 2004.

  • I have developed  system project  about  “Developing web based Water Supply and service office system”    for  final graduation project submitted to Department of Information Technology , Bahir Dar University , Ethiopia 2005
  • In the 2008 I have developed the web based system for “Water Supply and Service Office system” to Debretabor water supply service office.
  • In the 2009 I have developed the HBT contact back up Mobile application by android studio.

Habtamu Wubalem