BDU-IUC are to improve the research and teaching learning facilities of the university.BDU also to improve the quality of teaching and research through recruiting staff,upgrading facilities and training staff.BDU-IUC(Institutional University Cooperation) one component of the team.ICT liberary has given two days trainging on open source software and new learning paradighes.(VLIR-UOS) as a partner university to start an institutional university cooperation (IUC) programme.Bahir Dar University

ICT in Teaching

University faculties are now using computers in teaching taking advantage of the power of the computer in manipulation of words and symbols. Introduction of eLearning or on-line learning is also introduced at BDU. However the role of ICT in teaching and learning is more pronounced in the university after the implementation of SIMS.

ICT in Research

The use of ICT in academic research has been growing in all Universities. This includes the use of powerful computers for complex calculations on very large data sets like in modeling and simulation applications; use of communication tools and the Internet ensures that research teams can be spread across the world; increased academic resources through the use of digital libraries.

New project launch

The new wireless project was launched,

Storage solution and virtuallization project has kicked off in July 2017

Data centers power and cooling project

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