Planning, project and training unit

Planning, project and training unit

  • Strategic planning and cascading
  • Project administration
  • Fund soliciting
  • Report compilation
  • Organizing workshop and seminar
  • Preparing bids for consultancy services

Training and consultancy services

Remote sensing and GIS technology and surveying enable you to better understand and represent the systems at work on the earth, in the seas and oceans.Cognizant of this, GDTC provide training and consultancy services for our clients.

  • Training:  GIS, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and Surveying and its application
  • Consultancy services: Application of GIS, Remote Sensing and digitizing and analysis, spatial analysis, spatial modeling, change detection,  digital elevation models, spatial and hazard analysis, classification, spatial and spectral enhancement, field operation, and Cadastral, Topographic and City surveying,


  • Celebrate 16th world GIS day on 19 November 2014
  • Organize the Second National GIS Summit,24-25 January 2015
  • Two articles published