GIS Department


Geographic Information System (GIS) is becoming a proven information technology to solve real life problem by the university community at all level. It is the very reason for the establishment of the GDTC to work on geospatial data collection, management and analysis. Considering this the center established the GIS unit as one of the core department.

The GIS unit is envisioned to assist GIS teaching learning process of the different faculties of the university, conduct GIS based research and community service and collect geospatial data. The short term focus of the unit is to conducted and collectedresearch and geospatial data with in Tana Basin and Amhara Region. In the long term it has a goal to expand its service at national and international levels. The main activities of the GIS unit are thefollowing:

  1. Providing GIS training
  2. Conducting research using GIS technology
  3. GIS consultancy services
  4. Preparing both spatial and non-spatial database (GIS Data warehouse)
  5. Preparing standards and controlling quality of GIS data against the standard
  6. Preparing thematic and topographic maps