Strategic plan

 Bahir Dar University is carrying out unprecedented activities to transform itself into one of the top ten premier research universities in Africa. Geospatial Data and Technology Center (GDTC) is one of the centers in BDU, established in 2013, envisioning playing role in BDU achieves its vision of becoming a premier research university in Africa by 2025. Following its establishment the GDTC drafted a three year (2006, 2007 and 2008E.C) BSC based strategic plan. The university strategic plan, need assessment of GDTC’s its stakeholders and its mission and vision are the baseline of the plan. The purpose of this BSC based Strategic Plan is to assert a holistic approach towards the utilization of geospatial technology and to establish a unified vision in an effective, efficient, and coordinated manner. After rigorous evaluation of the university strategic plan and SWOT analysis the center adopted the five themes of the university. Based on these theme 8 strategic objectives has been outlined on four perspectives. To achieve the objectives incentives has been designed and monitoring and evaluation mechanism set up. In general the strategic plan has the following contents: Mission, Vision and Purpose Statement, Core Values and organogram SWOT Analysis Strategic Objectives their targets and measures Initiatives Monitoring and Evaluation Methods