Entrepreneurship is viewed as a major driver of innovation, competitiveness and growth in Ethiopia. Entrepreneurship need is greater than ever due to different reasons among many; one is that number of graduates and the capacity of the economy to absorb all the graduates are not in a balance. With this scenario, graduates are required to be job creators than job seekers for employment. As a result, attitudinal change and strong mindset for self-employment is needed badly in the country. The other reason is Bahir Dar University is becoming a research university. Nevertheless, research is not conducted for its own sake only as the ultimate goal of research is improving national wellbeing, with attention primarily to economic growth, job creation, and competitiveness. Consequently, it is imperative that successful research outputs be transferred to users as swiftly as possible through various mechanisms that are able to speed up the commercialization of the generated technology. Technology Business Incubator, as the first building block of a long-term technology park development, is among the channels of technology transfer that foster the creation of previously non-existent markets or the reshape of the structure of mature industries and hence able to transform the traditional trade-based economy to knowledge-based economy, as means of employment opportunity creation for young graduates of universities, and as means of diversification of the economy. It is evidenced in many literatures that products that we see in the market today wereideas in universities sometimes ago. Therefore establishing Entrepreneurship Development and incubation center is vital from creating the Entrepreneurial culture andmindsets to incubating technology based ideas in to successful businesses.