Duties and Responsibilities of the Center


Ø  To provide continuous business and technical mentorship and advisory service for  incubates from pre-incubation stage  to  commercialization of innovative business ideas

Ø  Actively network incubates with industry, donors and subject matter experts

Ø  Advise on selection of business model and registration of tenant’s business as a business entity

Ø  Support in business plan development, feasibility study, market analysis, project management and human resource development

Ø  Develop funding proposals and relevant marketing collateral for tenants

Ø  Supporting incubated innovative business to get intellectual property rights for their innovation

Ø  Providing  need based quality training, consultancy and continuous support for government and privately owned business enterprises

Ø  Conducting  problem solving researches on business and entrepreneurship areas independently and jointly with different institutions  and give inputs for decision makers

Ø  Developing entrepreneurship mindset to Graduates towards entrepreneurship through continuous training and support programs

Ø  Developing  institutional mechanism to create entrepreneurial culture in academic institutions to foster the growth of entrepreneurship and business development amongst the faculty and students

Ø  Hold national and international conferences and discussion forums to share knowledge, organize dialogues which can serve to facilitate public-private partnership and awareness creation in entrepreneurship development

Ø  Publish and disseminate  research journals and proceedings and other publications and disseminate research results as well as hold discussion forums to deliberate up on the results

Ø  Supporting the business sector to be as information technology users for their better performance