Organizational Structure and Thematic Areas of Research Divisions



The development of thematic areas helps us to conduct a focused and follow up research in a single topic so that the impact of various development interventions can be tracked overtime with the same target group. A research that has no thematic area is a scattered one whose end goal is unknown and research conducted in this approach is difficult to be of useful input for policy makers to change policies and course of actions. For these reason, we follow a thematic area based research approach.

The thematic areas of each research division are developed in a very enhanced and revised form in the summer of 2017. We consulted two sources in the development of the thematic areas. First, for our research to fill gaps in academic literature, recent research trends in the academic circle are consulted. Secondly, for our research to be policy relevant, we consulted the government economic growth strategy document. Particularly the 5 year Growth and Transformation Plan II (2008-2012) document is consulted in the area relevant to our economic research.

Thematic areas are updated every 5 year to be consistent with government revision of long term development plans. Up to 5 years all our research directions will be guided by these thematic areas.