Natural Resource and Environmental Economics Division (NREED)

  1. Theme 1: Agricultural development
    1. Subtheme 1: Crop production
      1. Crop productivity:  potential of ANRS, bottlenecks,
      2. Irrigation: potential of ANRS, bottlenecks, efficiency of current irrigation projects, land use, economic and social impact
      3. Ground water: experience, impact, efficiency, bottlenecks,
      4. Agricultural input utilization: bottlenecks, impact on production, financing inputs, environmental friendly inputs, exotic weeds
      5. Agricultural product marketing: primary and secondary agricultural markets,
      6. Agricultural research: focus area, efficiency, status of agricultural research compared to other regions, integration of agricultural research with extension and academics, bottlenecks
      7. Agro processing: status, farmers willingness to start agro-processing industries.
      8. Agricultural mechanization
      9. Commercial agriculture: by farmers and private investors
    2. Subtheme 2: Livestock production
      1. Livestock production: problems and opportunities
      2. Grazing management
      3. Livestock diseases and its impact
      4. Livestock breed improvement
      5. Hides and skin production
    3. Subtheme 3: Other
      1. Unemployment in agriculture: landless poor
      2. Agricultural credit, use and repayment
      3. Urban expansion and impact on agriculture
  2. Theme 2: Environmental and Natural Resource
    1. Environmental and natural resource policies: awareness, effectiveness
    2. Resettlement: impact on rural livelihood and natural resources
    3. Wild life protection: conflict with local people
    4. Management of national and regional parks
    5. Aquatic resources: potential, efficiency
    6. Investment in Lake Tana: pollution vs. financial benefit
    7. Land fragmentation
    8. Indigenous forest resources: the role of EOTC
    9. Community mobilization in watershed management
  3. Theme 3: The Economics of Education, Health and Tourism Sectors