Macroeconomic and Sectoral Development Division (MESDD)

  1. Theme 1: Macroeconomic objectives
    1. Economic growth and source of growth
    2. Economic growth, poverty reduction and inequality
    3. Inflation dynamics
    4. Unemployment determinants
  2. Theme 2: Saving and Investment
    1. Household saving rate, habit and culture
    2. Credit supply and constraints from a variety of financial institutions (formal, informal, rural SAACOs)
    3. Risk management products like insurance and diversification:  Their development and use
    4. Innovative saving and credit products: e-banking, mobile banking , group lending etc
    5. Private sector development: access to finance, professional management, trade reform etc)
    6. Investment barriers: bureaucracy, corruption, access to resources like land, skilled labor, finance etc
  3. Theme 3: Public sector revenue and expenditure
    1. Tax and non-tax revenue:  performance, challenges
    2. Public sector expenditure management: efficiency and effectiveness
    3. Budget allocation to pro-poor sector
    4. Budget deficit: analysis, closing the gap and self reliance
  4. Theme 4:  Sectoral development and Urbanization
    1. Manufacturing industry: challenges, linkages with agriculture (agro-processing), diversification, expert led, import substitution
    2. Construction industry
    3. Trade industry
    4. Transport industry
    5. Micro and small enterprise development
    6. Urban development and housing
    7. Economic infrastructures: roads, water and irrigation, energy
    8. Public enterprises: efficiency and effectiveness