Poverty and Livelihoods Division (PLD)

  1. Theme 1: Profiling poverty and vulnerability: incidence, depth and severity
  2. Theme 2: Drivers of poverty & food insecurity
    1. Land resource:  land degradation
    2. Shocks: drought, flood, human and animal disease etc
    3. Market-related drivers: inputs and output prices, market infrastructure, access to markets etc
    4. Socio-cultural drivers : population pressure, migration, work culture, etc
    5. Government policies and programs: land tenure, input supply, infrastructure (irrigation, roads, health and school facilities), access to finance, social security programs (PSNP, emergency assistance)
  3. Theme 3: Sustainable livelihoods & household economy
    1. Diversification of income sources
      1. Agricultural: crop and livestock production
      2. Non-agricultural: off farm and non-farm income sources
      3. Transfers: public and private transfers (remittance, gifts)
    2. Shock impact, shock coping and risk management strategies