RCs’ status presented

The office of vice president for research and community services has presented the current status of research Centers with regard to research and community service activities on 21st May, 2015.
Dr Tesfaye Shiferaw, vice president for Research and Community Services, has mentioned that the major aim of the presentation is to create awareness among BDU community about research centers, to help the university management and staff to know about the activities of research centers, to integrate the activities research centers with academic units.
Dr Tesfaye has said that in 2014/15 academic year about 21 conferences have been carried out to publicize the major research and community service activities by different academic units and research centers. 
On the occasion four research institutions have presented their respective research and community service activities accomplished in 2014/15 to the participants of the workshop.

The participants of the workshop have reflected their views towards the presentations, commented and posed questions to the presenters. 
The presenters, on their part, have further emphasized on the concerns and questions of the participants and have given brief explanations.
Dr Bayile Damtie, president of BDU, has commented on the research and community service activities of the university and emphasized on the objectives of the workshop. 
The president has pointed out that the efforts of research centers in the university have shown a significant improvement in identifying the problems of the community and providing scientific solutions. 
Dr Bayile has urged the research centers and academic units to collaborate for bringing research results that can practically satisfy the interests of communities at the grassroots.
He has further stressed that focusing on adaptation of technology and innovation that help solve the existing community problems is a crucial issue that research centers need to be concerned in addition to innovation.