The Office of the Vice President for Information & Strategic Communication

Who we are

The Office of the Vice President for Information and Strategic Communications has a responsibility of helping realization of the mission and vision of the university through building effective internal relation and communication, external relation and partnerships.

The office has three directorates: Directorate of External Relations and Partnership and Directorate of Internal Relations and Communication and broadcast media directorate. As such the office has been designed as one of the pillars of the university.

What we do

We have the responsibilities of maintaining internal and external communications- creating links with other universities, issuing magazines, newsletters, brochures and flyers, holding press conferences, taking care of media relations, conducting communication audits, updating and managing the official website of the university, preparing university profiles.

Our objectives

We have a general objective of establishing effective internal and external relations by providing up-to-date information concerning activities undertaken by the university.

As such we work with different categories of customers: the external stakeholders, the students, the academic and administrative staff and the management.

The external stakeholders comprises of foreign universities, government and non-government organizations, individuals, federal and regional actors. 

We communicate precise and timely information on academic issues as well as on relevant administrative matters to the university community in order to facilitate the overall academic endeavor. We also make necessary and accurate information available to both the academic and administrative staff to facilitate informed decision making.

We strive to create effective communication system among colleges, faculties, schools, institutes and academies as well as various support service departments for a better academic excellence and service delivery.

We also organize events and public forums which add value to the inter-staff rapport among the wider university community or between external stakeholders and the university community.

Contact information


Dr. Zewudu Emiru

Acting as Vice President




Mr. Moges Abraha 

Director, External Relations and Partnership 

Office: wisdom tower 5th floor, G5 02E

Tele:+251 583 20 6088

Mr. Tewodros Kassaye

Director, Internal Relations and Communication

Office:Wisdom tower 5th floor. G5 02E

Tele: +251 583 206088

Mr. Kaleab Molla 

Director, Broadcast Media  

Office: Wisdom Tower, 6th Floor 

Mob. No. +251918011074


Mrs. Tseganesh Mulugeta

Vice Director, Internal Relations and Communication

Office: At the back of College of Business and Economics Library.

Tele: +251- 582-20-07-60


Mr. Tefera Degu 

Central Website and Social Media Content  Manager

Office:  Wisdom ground floor, 006

Tele: +251-962-15-98-77