Office of vice president for Acadamic Affairs

The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Vice President

+251-58-3206097 (Office)


The Vice President for Academic Affairs handles all academic affairs including undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. All deans, vice deans and directors are responsible to the vice president for academic affairs. In addition, the Executive Director for Academic Affairs is also responsible to the office.

Among other things, the vice president for academic affairs is responsible to:

  • consult and assist the President in areas of academics,
  • supervise the activities of the organs accountable to the academic affairs,
  • supervise and coach the teaching-learning process units,
  • coordinate the preparation, submission and approval of legislations and guidelines,
  • set priorities and define goals and objectives in relation to teaching-learning,
  • follow up the quality of Academic and Research services at University level,
  • prepare the academic reports of the University,
  • run the activities of the President’s Office, when delegated in the absence of the President,
  • assist the president on University matters.