Message From Vice President


Dear Visitors;

Bahir Dar University has the vision to become one of the ten premier research universities in Africa in 2025. To realize this vision the university has already given special attention to improving quality of education, expanding graduate programs, creating research culture, building the capacity of staff and infrastructure. The Office of the Vice President for Information and Strategic Communications of the University is the administrative organ which has the responsibility of helping the university realize its vision and missions through creating local and international partnerships, building effective internal and external relations and serving as the key information source for internal and external customers of the university. Hence the office works with different categories of customers: Internal stakeholders (the students, the academic and administrative staff and the management) and external stakeholders (the community, local and international partners).

Established as one of the most important administrative wings of the university, the office operates through:

  • The Directorate for Internal Relations and Communications
  • The Directorate for External Relations and Partnership
  • The Directorate for Broadcast Media
  • Website and Social Media Management
  • Cultural Centre.

The Vice President for Information & Strategic Communications is responsible to:

Ensure that relevant and up-to-date information concerning key activities undertaken by the university (t-learning, research and