Call for Abstract Submission

You are kindly invited to submit an abstract of maximum 500 words on one of the following Evidence-Based research thematic areas 
⇒Land Governance, 
⇒Land policy, 
⇒Land rights, 
⇒Innovative Land Information Systems, 
⇒Land Registration, 
⇒Surveying and Mapping, 
⇒ Land Market and Finance, 
⇒ Land Fragmentation and Consolidation, 
⇒ Land Tenure management, 
⇒ Land Use Planning and Land Development Control, 
⇒Urban Development/Expansion and Land Acquisition, 
⇒Institutional Setting, 
⇒ Expropriation, Valuation and Compensation, 
⇒Large Scale Agricultural Investment, 
⇒ Women and Vulnerable Groups Land Right 
⇒ And any land related papers Conference 

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