Duties and Responsibilities Student Support Service Officer Wing

1.Student Support Service Officer

  • Mange dead files and Issue temporary and actual diploma for graduated ones
  • Facilitate provision of internet, audiovisual and library facilities
  • Collect students’ records from centers and distribute them to customer relation case teams
  • Collect fresh students identification numbers from customer relations and distribute to centers
  • Disseminate grade reports to centers
  • Supervise and cross-check campus records
  • Get students records encoded into SIMS
  • Provide timely informationfor continuing and distance students at earliestconvenience.
  • Execute other tasks assigned to him/her by director of CDE

2.Information Worker

  • Design efficient and shortcut information dissemination channels for distance and continuing education
  • Receive grievances and complaints of students by developing forms
  • Appoint days for responses and seek information from relevant offices for response
  • Provide responses for complaints on appointed time and day
  • Execute other tasks assigned to him/her by program, statistics and information officer of CDE

3.Student File Organizer

  • Encode students records into SIMS software
  • Prepare temporary and actual diploma for previously graduated students
  • Mange dead files
  • Disseminate grade reports
  • Get fresh students identification umbers provided and sent to centers
  • Execute other tasks assigned to he/her by registrar of CDE