Logistics Officer

Duties and Responsibilities of Logistics Officer Wing

1.Logistics Officer

  • Collect module needs of centers by considering the number of registered students from the registrar and stock balance of centers
  • Properly handle both original and copies of modules
  • Identify the availability of originals and copies of modules
  • Get the required copies of modules printed or duplicated
  • Get duplicated modules arranged and stapled
  • Dispatch the modules to centers
  • Arrange all the necessary materials for exam dispatch to centers
  • Ensure marked exams properly stored
  • Execute other activities designated by director

2.Exam Store Person

  • Store previously corrected exams
  • Locate out marked exams when it is necessary and replace remarked exams into the store
  • Arrange utilized exams from exam bank and dispatch to students for reference
  • Execute other activities given by logistics officer


  • Undertake all duplication works related to distance and summer education
  • Undertake duplication of exams whenever a need arises
  • Duplicate forms and other necessary duplication activities
  • Execute other duties given by logistics officer

4.Main store person

  • Store modules of distance and continuing education of the university
  • Sort out modules for dispatch to centers
  • Get newly duplicated or printed modules stored properly
  • Report the availability and shortages of modules
  • Execute other tasks given by logistics officer