Future Plan

To coincide with our University’s vision, CDE is now ramping up for another historical leap forward. Our aim for the future is becoming an ideal institute for continuing and open learning in various fields in Ethiopia, Africa and beyond. Toward this end, we plan to upscale our organizational capacity in different respects andlaunch diversified and evidenced based trainingprograms in continuing and distance education divisions. We also plan to further strengthen BDU's iconic image as the center for open and continuing learning making huge expansions in the number of open learning centers. Furthermore, BDU-CDE aims to serve as the fount of wisdom that nourishes minds at every door by providing technologically assisted first-class educational opportunities at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In general, BDU-CDE would like to happily renew its commitment tooffereducation with utmost quality, satisfying service in a client friendly manner honoring the hopes and expectations entrusted to us by our students, staff/ faculty, stakeholders and the public.