Dean’s Message

Dr NigusieOn behalf of continuing and distance education of Bahir Dar University, it is my great pleasure to say welcome to the program.
Bahir Dar University is one of the higher institutions involved in continuing and distance education.
The Bahir Dar University’s continuing and distance education is established to run and coordinate the distance, extension and summer programs Continuing and distance education office mainly the improvement of individuals knowledge with a view of capacity building and improving professional knowledge and skills achieving new skills through and supplying individual development needs.
CDE program has three campus coordination offices in Bahir Dar which  include main campus, College of Business and Economics and poly Off-campus braches include Bahir Dar, Debremarkos, Addis Abeba, Debrebirhan , Dessie, Woldia and Gonder.
These centers which aim at providing distanceeducation, implement more flexible programs compared to those executed in regular programs at higher education institutions. Owing to this fact, continuing and distance education program of BDU needs to be made accessible further for those who cannot get regular education and be consolidated in such a way that quality education can take place. In light of this, its provision has to be properly investigated and recommendations forwarded so that timely measures can be taken that can assure quality education.
We are here highly competent with all our programs. It has been noted that potential stakeholders and active stakeholders of the continuing and distance education in all forms of the stakes may not have the require level of information about all programs. Hence, The CDE has prepared this information guide.
Please browse this web page; we hope that you would be able to grasp necessary information of various programs and all other features of the CDE
                                            Good time
                                                                                           Nigussie Mulugeta (Phd)

                                                                    Dean Continuing and Distance Education