A Website of the Center for Capacity Building Programs Finally Up!

With the committed cooperation and follow up of the University's ICT Directorate, a website is now constructed for easy communication of the Center's activities, plans, and reports of all aspects of its capacity building tasks. Ato Birhanu and Ato Yibletal from the Teaching and Learning Technology Division of the Directorate took the primary responsibility in building the website, and the Center appreciates all their efforts! 

Users in the university and outside can now access latest information on ongoing and upcoming trainings, information on past training, resources from trainings provided, and future directions of the Center. All staff members of the University are kindly requested to forward any questions and suggestions they may have for the Center. In addition, we highly encourage individuals to come up to the Center with their proposals for training, recruiting themselves for trainig packages they feel they are more fit to provide, instead of waiting for the Center to discover them!