2008 E.C.

In 2008 E.C, the Center delivered different short-term training for 262 academic staff, 321 graduate students, 787 administrative staff, 250 undergraduate students, and 26 high school students. Most of the training were organized based on the needs assessment done the previous year, while some were provided on request from the concerned bodies. The trainings included:

  • For the academic staff - general teaching methods and course planning skills, different active learning models, quantitative and qualitative research methods, graduate student advising skills, and feminist pedagogy,
  • For graduate students (and junior as well as senion faculty)- quantitative and qualitative research methods, the use of various statistics-based software useful for quantitative research, such as SPSS, feminist pedagogy, academic writing, project proposal writing, and use of elibraryUSA (internet library/data base),
  • For administrative staff - Customer services, BSC, Kaizen, First Aid, KOHA library system, eHIMS, Civil Service Guideline, and IT-related trainings such as website administration, networking, computer and printer maintenance and troubleshooting,
  • For undergraduate students - Code of Job Opportunity for People with Disabilities, JAWS Software, Industrial Discipline, Quality Management, and First Aid.
  • For others - in response to request made by the Education Bureau, 26 visually impaired high school students were beneficiaries of training on JAWS software.

Details about the trainings are attached below in the reports.