2009 E.C.

About 57 leaders, 85 academic staff, 400 graduate students, 134 administrative staff, and 46 high school students were beneficiaries of the various short-term trainings organized and offered via the Capacity Building Center in 2009 E.C. The trainings, which were organized based on the needs assessment done the previous year, included:

  • For leaders - stress management training was given on three rounds,
  • For the academic staff - different teaching models and course planning skills such as Concept Attainment Model, Concept Development Model, and Understanding by Design (UbD approach),
  • For graduate students (and junior faculty)- research-related skills such as manuscript preparation and publication, qualitative research method and the use of QDA miner (a qualitative data analysis software), and various statistics-based software useful for quantitative research, such as SPSS, SAS, STATA, R-Software, Econometrics, and EPI-INFO,
  • For administrative staff - Customer services, BSC, Kaizen, First Aid, and IT-related trainings such as networking, computer maintenance and troubleshooting,
  • For others - in response to request made by the Education Bureau, 46 high school students were beneficiaries of training on JAWS software (for visually impaired students), and sanitation for female students.

Staff members from various institutions and departments have participated in the research provision. We thank them all!

Details about the trainings are indicated below in the attachments of reports.