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                                                           Call for Papers
"Azmari: Change and Continuity" – The Second International   Azmari Conference"
October  9 and 10, 2015, Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia
The Abbay Research Centre for Culture and Development is one of the research centers in Bahir Dar University. It was established in 2012. Among many other objectives of the center, preserving, reflecting on and caring for cultural, historical, social and literary heritages by identifying and studying indigenous knowledge is the major one. With this objective, the Abbay Research Center for Culture and Development is organizing the Second International Azmari Conference which will take place on 9 and 10 October, 2015 at Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia. 

Themes and Subtheme​:  The conference will have the general theme of: “Azmari: Change and Continuity” and the following subthemes:​

  1. The roles of Azm ari in contemporary popular music bands.
  2. Azmari self-images.
  3. Azmari and other African musical specialists:  Comparisons and contrasts.
  4. Azmari communities and villages.
  5. Early history  of  Azmari.
  6. Azmari language and argot.
  7. Azmari and their patrons.
  8. Azmari and tourism.
  9. Ethiopian and Diaspora Azmari.
  10. Azmari songs in non-Amharic languages.
  11. Azmari yesterday and today.
  12. Film/multimedia presentations.
  13. Other related issues
  1. Contact Addresses

Submission of abstracts, full papers and all communications regarding the conference should be made through the following E-Mail addresses:

Dr. Aster Mulu:, Mobile:  +251 911 83 96 66
  Dr. Muluken Andualem:   Mobile:  +251 920 88 00 88

For the detail look at the attched file

Dear colleague,

The TropiLakes2015 team would like to invite you to register and submit
abstracts for the TropiLakes2015 conference in Bahir Dar (Ethiopia), 23-29
September 2015.

Conference themes are:

1.            Climate change impacts on water balance, hydrology and
meteorology of tropical lakes;

2.            Land use changes and their impacts on geomorphology and soils:
land degradation, soil erosion, sediment budget, soil and water

3.            Ecosystem services, water quality and aquatic ecology of
shallow lakes;

4.            Tropical lakes as palaeo-environmental archives;

5.            Impacts of dams on downstream rivers, water bodies and

6.            Agricultural development; food and fiber production chains;
landscape intensification;

7.            Waste (water) management and impact on lakes; and

8.            Aquatic biodiversity in relation to large-scale water

We are happy to confirm the participation of three international keynote
speakers: Prof. Dr. L.A. (Sampurno) Bruijnzeel (VU University
Amsterdam/King's College London),  Dr. Dagnatchew Legesse (IAEA, Vienna),
and  Prof. Dr. Harry Verhoeven (University of Oxford/Georgetown University).

Attached you will find the second circular of the conference. Could you
please circulate it to colleagues and spread it in your own network (post it
on websites, research pages, research gate, mailing lists, etc.)?

We would like to draw your attention to that the fact that we will be
FUNDING the participation of 16 AFRICAN RESEARCHERS! (thanks to VLIR-UOS)

You can find more information on our website:

Thank you, sorry in case of cross posting, and we hope to welcome you in
Bahir Dar!

Kind regards,

Jan Nyssen


Prof. Dr. Jan Nyssen

Department of Geography

Ghent University

Krijgslaan 281 (S8)

B 9000 Gent


Tel. +32 (0)9 264 46 23

Fax  +32 (0)9 264 49 85
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Bahir Dar university cluster in collaboration with Center for Development Studies together with Blue Nile Water Institute is organizing Nile symposium to be held on 28-29 April,2015. This is to call for your scientific contribution.

Here with please find attached the call or see the link