Outreach Activities Given by BRI Researchers

• Inclusive Training Project on Innovative Small Scale Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus) Mushroom Farming and Utilization: Bahir Dar University research-driven knowledge transfer to the community

• Training on the Importance of traditional medicine and medicinal practices in Ethiopia and the need to re-innovate them scientifically; a case of solanecio species.

• Awareness creation on artificial insemination, record keeping, breed selection and gene segregation of cross-bred cows (F1 and F2) selected districts (Dangla, Farta and Gondar) in Amhara Region, Ethiopia.

• Validating the awareness created about prevalence, controlling mechanisms and its effectiveness of Argimone Mexican in Fogera, Farta, and Dabat Districts

• Validating the awareness created for dairy goat management, breeding, selection, and goat milk processing in selected districts of Amhara Region, Ethiopia)

• Empowering Fishers’ On Wise Utilization, Management And Producing Quality Fish Product In Selected Districts Around Lake Tana, Ethiopia