On-going Researches

Biomedical Research Department
1 Prevalence of Extended spectrum beta-lactamases (ESBL) in Enterobacteriacaea from Clinical and environmental (food and Water) isolates in Bahir Dar town, Ethiopia.
2 Phytochemical and pharmacological study on selectedindeginous medicinal plants
fromZegie and areas of Lake Tana Monastries, Northwest Ethiopia
3 Genetic Diversity, Population Structure and factors for colonization by MRSA of HIV positive paediatric patients in Northwest Ethiopia
4 Detection of molecular markers related to resistance to artemisinins in Plasmodium falciparum among health centers in Bahir Dar Zuria district North West Ethiopia
5 Molecular epidemiology of Entamoeba histolytica/ dispar infections and isolation of other pathogenic bacterial infections among health centers in Gozamin district, east Gojjam zone.
6 Host Genetic Factors that Influence Susceptibility to HIV infection and disease course among HIV/AIDS patients visiting Felege Hiwot Hospital

Agricultural Research Department
1 Reproductive performances of cross-bred cows (F1 and F2) and genetic diversity of indigenous cattle in the Amhara region, Ethiopia
2 Population Ecology, genomic characterization and aquaculture suitability analysis of Varicorhinus beso in selected areas of lake Tana catchments
3 Identification and prevalence of bacterial and viral diseases of pepper using serological techniques
4 Phenomic and Genomic selection of indigenous dairy goat and developing sustainable breeding strategies in selected districts of Amhara Region, Ethiopia
5 Isolation and Identification of Salmo¬nella Species in Free- range Local Chickens in Selected sites of Amhara Region
6 Genotyping neglected multipurpose Ethiopian indigenous white lupin accessions to harness its genetic diversity
7 Temporal and Spatial Difference in Genetic Diversity of Tef in North West Ethiopia Using ISSR markers
8 Molecular Diagnosis and Genetic diversity study of potato bacterial wilt disease (Ralstonia solanacearum) in major potato growing areas of Amhara Region
9 Characterization and Investigation to Climate Change Adaptation of Indegenous Goats as a base for developing Diary Goat Breeding Strategy

Industrial & Environmental Biotechnology Research Projects
1 BRI-IEB-1001 Isolation, Production, Characterization and Evaluation of alkaline protease enzyme inbeam house/pre-tanning Process: An approach to eco-friendly leather processing in Ethiopia.
2 BRI-IEB-2001 Characterization, Analysis and Management of Solid and Liquid Waste in Selected Areas of Amhara Region, Ethiopia
3 BRI-IEB-2002 The Potential of Constructed Wetland Systems (CWSs) for the Treatment of Chromium Containing Tannery Wastewater, in the Case of Bahir Dar Tannery
4 BRI-IEB-2003 Optimization of Anaerobic Co-Digestion Parameters and System Design of Sewege Sludge and Brewery Yeast Waste (Case study of Dashen Brewery)
5 BRI-IEB-3001 Genetic Diversity of Ethiopian Wild Edible Mushrooms as Revealed by ISSR Markers and Characterizing their Nutritional Value
6 BRI-IEB-3002 The Effect of Spontaneous Fermentation on Anti nutritional Factors Of selected Cereal-Based Complementary Food
7 BRI-IEB-3004 Isolation and Characterization of native probiotic and other potential microorganisms from dairy products in Ethiopia