On-going, Suspended and New Approved Researches

Biomedical Research Department
Ongoing Projects

1. Population based reference intervals for common haematological, immunological and biochemical parameters in Amahara Region, North West Ethiopia

2. Host Genetic Factors that Influence Susceptibility to HIV infection and disease course among HIV/AIDS patients visiting Felege Hiwot Hospital

3. Molecular Epidemiology of Methicillin-esistant Staphylococcus aureus among patients with Skin and Soft Tissue Infections and on bed bug isolated from their residential institutions in Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia.

4. HIV/TB lymphadenitis co-infection among TB lymphadenitis suspected patients and drug resistant profile of TB isolates by GenoType MTBDRPlus molecular line probe assay in North west Ethiopia.

List of Suspended Projects

1. Extensively Drug Resistant Tuberculosis and its associated factors in Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia: By MTBDRsl molecular line probe assay.

2. Prevalence and Risk Factors of Latent Tuberculosis Infection among High risk groups in Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study design by interferon gamma release assay.

List of New Proposal Approved in 2009 E.C

1. Human intestinal microbiota and their implication in the progression of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

2. Epidemiology, drug resistance, Treatment out come and transmission dynamics of TB, TB/HIV and MDR-TB among prisoners in Northwest

3. Tracking antimicrobial resistance; a compressive bacteriological study to establish empirical treatment guideline for North-western part of Ethiopia

4. Genetic, lifestyle and environmental determinants of breast cancer risk among patient visiting Bahir Dar Felege Hiwot hospital, northwest, Ethiopia: Case – Control study

5. Evaluation of the insecticidal effect of aqueous extract of selected plant species against bed bug, animal experiment and a field trial

6. Utility and Impact of Virologic Monitoring of ART and Its Choices of Clinical Specimen in Resource Limited Setting, Ethiopia: A Two Years of Cohort Study

7. The level of CD4+ lymphocyte, T-regulatory cells, CD8+ lymphocyte and monocyte among cancer patients in Northwest Ethiopia

Agricultural Biotechnology Research Department
Ongoing Projects

1 Evaluation and pesticide formulation of potent botanicals against maize weevil (Sitophilus zeamais).
2 Phenomic and Genomic selection of dairy cattle for enhancing milk production and climate change adaptation in selected production and model sites of Western Amhara, Ethiopia.
3 Developing better performing Tilapia strain (Orochromis niloticus) from indigenous population in Ethiopia.
4 Population Ecology, genomic characterization and aquaculture suitability analysis of Varicorhinus beso in selected areas of lake Tana catchments

List of Suspended Projects

1. Phenomic and Genomic selection of indigenous dairy goat and developing sustainable breeding strategies in selected districts of Amhara Region, Ethiopia
2. Reproductive performances of cross-bred cows (F1 and F2) and genetic diversity of indigenous cattle in the Amhara region, Ethiopia
3. Evaluation of the genetic diversity, viability and designing breeding and conservation strategy for fogera cattle in selected districts of the Amhara region
4. Characterization and Investigation to Climate Change Adaptation of Indegenous Goats as a base for developing Diary Goat Breeding Strategy

List of New Proposal Approved in 2009 E.C

1. Quantifying genetic diversity and designing community- based breeding programs for improvement of indigenous sheep in N/Western, Amhara; Ethiopia.
2. Genetic and phenotypic characterization and designing of community-based breeding programs for improvement of indigenous goat populations in Ethiopia”
3. Biocontrol of an alien invasive weed, Parthenium hysterophorus L. expansion using botanicals and suppressive grass species
4. Investigating Genetic diversity of Tef Germplasm Accessions: Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Tef [Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter] Germplasm Accessions.
5. Anther culture response and the interaction of the media component with Ethiopian linseed varieties.
6. Bio-fortification of rice with iron and zinc in high yielding varieties through Biotechnological approach

Industrial & Environmental Biotechnology Research Projects

1 BRI-IEB-1001 Isolation, Production, Characterization and Evaluation of alkaline protease enzyme inbeam house/pre-tanning Process: An approach to eco-friendly leather processing in Ethiopia.
2 BRI-IEB-2001 Characterization, Analysis and Management of Solid and Liquid Waste in Selected Areas of Amhara Region, Ethiopia
3 BRI-IEB-2002 The Potential of Constructed Wetland Systems (CWSs) for the Treatment of Chromium Containing Tannery Wastewater, in the Case of Bahir Dar Tannery
4 BRI-IEB-2003 Optimization of Anaerobic Co-Digestion Parameters and System Design of Sewege Sludge and Brewery Yeast Waste (Case study of Dashen Brewery)
5 BRI-IEB-3001 Genetic Diversity of Ethiopian Wild Edible Mushrooms as Revealed by ISSR Markers and Characterizing their Nutritional Value
6 BRI-IEB-3002 The Effect of Spontaneous Fermentation on Anti nutritional Factors Of selected Cereal-Based Complementary Food
7 BRI-IEB-3004 Isolation and Characterization of native probiotic and other potential microorganisms from dairy products in Ethiopia