• PVS of Sorghum
  • Rhodes grass farmers field day
  • Vegetable Cooking demonstration
  • BENEFIT REALISE programme Bahir Dar University cluster manager, hosting woreda agriculture office head and Adet agricultural research center director facilitating the general discussion after the field visit

Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture ToT Training of BENEFIT-REALISE Programme held at Woreta town

BENEFIT-REALISE Program Bahir Dar University Cluster has provided Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture ToT for its ten target woredas’ of office of agriculture experts/SMS experts(crop production team leaders, natural resource management team leaders, irrigation team leaders, extension communication team leaders and nutrition experts and zonal nutrition experts at Woreta, Ethiopia, from 08-11, July 2019.  A total of 53 participants were involved in ToT training. Of which 47 of them were males and 7 of them were females.

Annual planned activities implementation MoU workshop of BENEFIT-REALISE Programme held at Bahir Dar University

To achieve its goal Bahir Dar University BENEFIT-REALISE Programme has made activity implementation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) workshop among Bahir Dar University, Regional, Zonal and Woreda level stakeholders. The workshop was intended to create awareness on planned activities, division of responsibilities and gather extra feedback and insights of the stakeholders to affect the 2019 plan of the programme.

Farmers’ In Situ Training on validation, demonstration, Crowd sourcing and pre-scaling up of crop technologies

BENEFIT REALISE Programme Bahir Dar university cluster has organized in situ training for farmers in its ten target woredas and Kebeles ( Libo Kemkem, Ebinat, Tach Gaint, Lay Gaint, Simada, Wogera, Dabat, Enebisie Sar Midr, Goncha Siso Enesie and Shebel Berenta woredas)  on different agricultural commodities (on demonstration of potato, home gardening, papaya, forage production, bread wheat, adaptation of teff and maize, pre-scaling of haricot bean and malt barley, crowd sourcing of sorghum and bread wheat, PVS of wheat and small pack of wheat)  from 20 April 2019   up to 18 May 2019.