Woreda level farmers field day in Tach Gayint Woreda

BENEFIT-REALISE Programme BDU Cluster has been demonstrating and pre-scaling different agricultural technologies with the collaboration of Tach Gayint woredas office of Agriculture at  Qotemender kebele, one of its intervention Kebeles. Pre-scale up of Malt barley, pilot on 1000 birr bread wheat package, PVS of bread wheat and demonstration of improved potato technologies have been implemented at farmer’s field level in this production year. To achieve the target of the Programme, farmer field day is considered as a tool for technology transfer, promotion, and knowledge sharing for the wider community.

The major aim of organizing field days is to promote information exchange and technology transfer easily from farmers to farmers or among different stakeholders and at the same time creating market linkages in which producers can directly or indirectly be benefited from processer in a mutual system.

On this event more than 227 participants from different stakeholders took part. Among these, 167 were farmers of which 64 were females. Others were FHE/Food for Hunger Ethiopia/ Tach Gayint Woreda head, Woreda officials and experts, Guna union manager, woreda administrator, Debre Tabor research and community service directors and Bahir Dar University research and community service vice president, an institutional advisor from ARARI, BENEFIT-REALISE Programme staff and others. During the field day, the participants visited the activities, and feedback received for future scaling.

Mrs Tsega Desalegn briefed the participants of the field day program and invited Tach Gayint Woreda administrator representative Mr Yohannes Fisha to welcome the participants. Following his welcoming address, Dr Almaz Giziew, BENEFIT-REALISE BDU cluster manager gave a brief overview of BENEFIT-REALISE goals, ongoing activities in Tach Gayint Woreda, acknowledged the key partner's contribution to the activities as well as the key targets and beneficiaries. In her speech, Dr Almaz also addressed the major objective of the field day program and invited Mr Yingese Getaneh, Quotemender kebele office of Agriculture head to explain an overview of the kebele and the implemented activities in collaboration with BENEFIT-REALISE Programme.

The hosting farmers also explained what he/she did on his/her farm starting from land preparation, planting, seed and fertilizer rate application, weeding practices, the name of varieties planted and also the lessons he/she learned during activity implementation.

The participants were very much impressed by the performance of the pre-scale up of malt barley and bread wheat and noted as one of the best technologies which are adaptable in their locality and needs to be scaled up in the wider community.

General Discussion                                                           

At the end of the field visit, general discussion was made at Qotmender kebele centre and all participants including farmers raised questions, forwarded comments and suggested on the technologies to be scaled up in the future. The discussion was facilitated by Dr Tesfaye Shiferew, Dr Ermiase Abate and Mr Mequanint Asefaw (Bahir Dar University research and community service director, ARARI vice head and Tach Gayint Woreda agriculture office head respectively).  The major issues raised by the participants were issue of pests (especially rodent), Shortage of chemicals for rodents and heavy rainfall.

Finally, Dr Tesfaye Shiferew, Bahir dar University Research and Community service vice president made his acknowledgement to all who made the field day successful and closing speech.