Kebele level field day on sorghum PVS

BENEFIT-REALISE Program Bahir Dar University Cluster has organized kebele level field day on PVS of sorghum at Ebinat woreda, Akuha Kebele on 25 Agust, 2019. Participants of the field day were drawn from PSNP farmers and Non-PSNP farmers, kebele officials, experts from woreda office of agriculture, kebele development agents and experts of BENEFIT REALISE program Bahir Dar University cluster.  A total of 87 participants have participated. Of whom 52 of them were men and 35 of them were women.

The general objective of the field day was;

  • To bring farmers together on a site to enable them to gain knowledge, experience and skills in a suitable environment, create awareness of improved sorghum technologies, acquire feedback on the technology and show the results of the technologies, and stimulate adoption of improved technologies by smallholder farmers in the community.