Vegetable Cooking Demonstration

BENEFIT-REALISE Program Bahir Dar University Cluster has organized a vegetable cooking demonstration at Libo Kemkem Woreda, Estifanos Kebele on 12 August 2019 and at Ebinat Woreda, Akuha Kebele on 25 Agust, 2019. Participants of the demonstration were drawn from PSNP farmers and non-PSNP farmers, kebele officials, experts from woreda office of agriculture, kebele development agents and experts of BENEFIT REALISE program Bahir Dar University cluster.  In Libo Kemkem Woreda, A total of 64 participants participated in the demonstration. Of whom 30 of them were males and 34 of them were females.  In Ebinat Woreda, A total of 87 participants participated. Of whom 52 of them were males and 35 of them were females.

The event was organized aiming at showing farmers how to cook and eat vegetables especially carrot, beetroot, Swiss Chard and lettuce and to refresh participants the health benefits of vegetables especially for children and; lactating and pregnant women.