Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture ToT Training of BENEFIT-REALISE Programme held at Woreta town

BENEFIT-REALISE Program Bahir Dar University Cluster has provided Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture ToT for its ten target woredas’ of office of agriculture experts/SMS experts(crop production team leaders, natural resource management team leaders, irrigation team leaders, extension communication team leaders and nutrition experts and zonal nutrition experts at Woreta, Ethiopia, from 08-11, July 2019.  A total of 53 participants were involved in ToT training. Of which 47 of them were males and 7 of them were females.

The ToT was organized to equip SMS experts on basic concepts of human nutrition and the linkages of agriculture and nutrition, and how gender roles, water, sanitation and hygiene, behaviour change communications, multi-sectoral coordination contribute to improved nutrition. And these SMS experts will, in turn, train development agents and DAs will effectively plan and implement nutrition sensitive interventions with other relevant sectors because of Development agents (DAs) are at the forefront in implementing agricultural programs and supporting farmers to improve agricultural production and livelihood.

Agriculture and nutrition are highly interrelated. Agricultural production provides the means to get food and the essential nutrients that people need. While on the other hand, as agriculture is highly labour intensive, agriculture requires well-nourished, healthy, and physically fit people.