Annual planned activities implementation MoU workshop of BENEFIT-REALISE Programme held at Bahir Dar University

To achieve its goal Bahir Dar University BENEFIT-REALISE Programme has made activity implementation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) workshop among Bahir Dar University, Regional, Zonal and Woreda level stakeholders. The workshop was intended to create awareness on planned activities, division of responsibilities and gather extra feedback and insights of the stakeholders to affect the 2019 plan of the programme. This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is, hereby, made and entered into by and between the Bahir Dar University BENEFIT-REALISE Programme and the Ten targeted PSNP Woreda of West Amhara. Discussion on the content of MoU was made at different levels and reached an agreement to implement, monitor and evaluate each planned activities accordingly. Finally, MoU signing ceremony was made among the Woredas’ head of Agriculture office, Woreda Cooperative Officials and BDU BENEFIT-REALISE cluster Manager. Besides that, Bahir Dar University Research and Community Service Vice President, Regional Bureau of Agriculture and Zonal Agricultural Departments took part in the workshop and agreed to follow the implementation and evaluation processes of each activity.